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Office of Constituent Relations

The Office of Constituent Relations implements high profile events for the president of the University of Central Florida. Constituent relations provides staff support, management, administrative direction, coordination and control of events and activities for academic programs, donors and campus-related events. Each event showcases the education and research available at UCF by highlighting the talent of students, faculty and staff. Event venues bring the community, donors, partners, alumni, students, faculty and staff together to tell the story of particular academic programs and how they enhance the education available at the university.



Glenna Oro
Special Assistant to the President and Assistant Vice President for Special Events
Ana Petkov
Assistant Vice President for University Events and Director, Constituent Relations

Shannon O’Donoghue
Associate Director

2014-2015 President’s Leadership Council

These students have been selected for their excellence in leadership, scholarship, and service to the university and the Orlando community. Chosen by a committee of faculty, staff, and students, the members of the council serve as ambassadors for the university community and university president.

The President’s Leadership Council has proven to be a valuable asset to our institution and community. Among its duties, it has assumed the responsibility for hosting university functions and serving as tour guides for distinguished guests of the university. PLC members also serve the university by acting as a student advisory group to the president. During the 2013-2014 academic year, the organization contributed more than 4,500 hours of public service to the university. The accomplishments of the PLC members, as well as their commitment, energy, and positive attitudes about UCF and its development, are truly distinctive.

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