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About the Office

Because the university is engaged at local, state, national and international levels, the Division of Community Relations is composed of four departments or offices: Community Relations, Constituent Relations, the Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies and Global Perspectives.

Emphasizing partnership opportunities, the Office of Community Relations works directly with the external community, initiating and overseeing events and outreach to the Central Florida business community. The office serves as a liaison with chambers of commerce, community partners and non-profit agencies and represents the university on various boards and committees throughout Central Florida. Another important function is to work with neighbors and groups close to campus.

The Office of Constituent Relations provides staff support, management, administrative direction, coordination and control of events and activities for academic programs, donors and campus-related events as directed by UCF’s president.

The Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies examines key issues of concern and economic impact to the Central Florida region, contributing to the regional community and working within a regional infrastructure.

The Office of Global Perspectives sharpens UCF’s international focus, helping to advance UCF’s goal of providing international emphasis to curricula and research. It also works to expand the university’s efforts to enlarge Central Florida’s awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of the global community.

Division of Community Relations Organizational Chart